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     There are over 10,800 items accessioned and catalogued in the Humboldt County Historical Museum, with the first item being accessioned in May of 1963. Here are only a few of the items that have been accessioned
in the last couple of years.

December 2008

  • Several items from the Humboldt Cooperative Creamery with the "Springvale" name on glass bottles for milk and cream, butter boxes, a cream skimmer, calendar, hand fan, baby spoon, and a ruler donated by Karen May.

  • Waxed cardboard lid from a 5 lb. carton of "Knight's Cottage Cheese."

  • B&W photos of the Mineral Springs Coca-Cola Bottling Company, built at the west end of Sumner Avenue in the 1920s and the Humboldt Hotel, built in 1939 at the corner of Sumner and Taft Street in Humboldt.

  • Tile spade with three tines and wooden handle.

  • 1922 plat book of Humboldt County with ads on the front cover for "State Savings Bank" and "People's Savings Bank."

  • Pocket knife with the name "Stow-Skow" (implement business and a pencil advertising "Humboldt Livestock Auction, Byron Hayes."

  • Wooden milk box container used in Gilmore City to hold milk when delivered to the home.

  • Livermore High School commencement announcements for 1903, 1904, and 1905.

  • Bronze advertising ash tray from "The Owl Cafe."

  • News clipping of the "50th Anniversary of Humboldt" from the Des Moines Sunday Register, 1913.

October 2008

  • A campfire toaster. Two wire grids hold the toast, and the grids are wired together.

  • An album of match covers from the 1940s to 1950s.

  • "Doctor of Medicine" certificate from the University of Iowa, 1931, and a "Physicians Certificate" 1932 for Nelle G. Thomas who married Ivan Schultz during her senior year at the University. They moved to Humboldt right after graduation to begin their practice and stayed until their retirement. Many remember them as Dr. Ivan and Dr. Nelle.

  • 1905 Commencement invitation for senior class of Humboldt High School.

  • Commencement announcement for Dakota City High School graduation in 1920 and a name card for Helen Koob.

  • Watch fob with gold chain and "G. (Gertrude) Taft inscribed on the bottom.

  • Grove Twonship Assessor's books from 1904-1931.

  • Man's oval leather coin purse labeled "Old Style Lager, Whitman Beverage Company, Humboldt, Iowa."

  • Name plate from office of Dr.. R. W. Beardsley, M.D., who was a practicing physician in Livermore during the mid 1900s.

  • Wooden pencil box which belonged to Frances Messer, one time County Superintendent of Schools.

June 2008

  • A jar lifter which was used to lift the glass jars from the hot water when canning.

  • 1896 Humboldt County Plat Book.

  • Matchbox with advertising for "Andrew Arent Jr., Drugs and Jewelry, Rutland Iowa."

  • Conservo Canner used by Mrs. Cuckie while living at the Mill Farm House.

  • Graduation announcements: 1915 Dakota City High School; 1917 Rutland High school.

  • Advertisement post cards for A. B White Co.

  • Cloth sack for Graham Flour from Dakota Roller Mills, Humboldt County, Iowa.

  • Ice pick labeled Ice Plant--Humboldt, Iowa.

  • World War II ration books.

  • A china mustache cup with a picture of the original Humboldt High School building. Sold in the Racket Store run by Mr. N. V. Glenn.

May 2008

  • Doll buggy with metal frame and two canvas seats
  • Mourning fan of black satin trimmed with black feathers.
  • Advertisement mirror with thermometer and "Farmers Elevator at Hardy Iowa. Charles M. Helland, Mgr."
  • 1930s or early 1940s map of Humboldt County showing the school districts and country schools.
  • Wooden school pencil box that belonged to Frances Messer.
  • Par of Bearskin mittens worn by Albert Ottosen.
  • White enamel bedpan with lid.
  • Commercial coffee grinder with electric motor from the A. B. White Grocery Store, Humboldt, Iowa.
  • 1872-1929 membership directory from First Methodist Episcopal Church in Rutland, Iowa.
  • World War I uniform worn by Harold L. Ericsonincludes jacket, trousers, belt legging, hat and overcoat.

April 2008

  • 1922 blueprints for Humboldt’s Sumner Avenue and Dakota City’s Mill Street, in a metal container.
  • Four-piece, pressed glass table accessory set consisting of a spooner, covered butter dish with handles, creamer and sugar bowl with lid--in clear glass with blue diamond pattern and serrated edges.
  • Sewing table with a 36-inch ruler stamped on the surface as well as “G.B. White and Sons, Humboldt Iowa.”
  • One-man bucksaw with wooden frame.
  • Wooden carpenter’s level and an “Iwans” hay knife with metal foot rest and three-toothed cutter.
  • A hand-pumped mechanical milking machine (patented April 30, 1918 by Burton Page Company, Chicago, Illinois) with metal frame and wheels.  It is located by the cow (model, not real) in the museum barn.
  • Humboldt College Diploma, 1912 “Rural Teachers Course” for Leota Adams.
  • An large photograph titled “Bound for St. Louis Fair in 1904,” showing a Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad car filled with people from Gilmore City.

March 2008

  • Old clock with a roller mechanism that turns and displays the names of six businesses located in Thor, Iowa at that time: Thor Grain Co., Thor Lockers, Sherrill Hardware, A&A Motor Service, Carter's Service and Potter Standard Service with S & H Green Stamps. Directions for clock operation are on the back of the clock.

  • Little wooden wagon and a child's "kiddy cart" with three wheels.

  • "Duster" worn by women when riding in a surrey. It is appliquéd with flowers.

  • Oak Kimball Reed (pump) Organ and bench located in the Museum Hardy Methodist Church.

  • Communion set stored in a round wooden box with lid. Contains trays that hold bread plates and gold-rimmed communion cups. It was used in the Hardy Methodist Church.

  • "Friendship Quilt" from Hardy Methodist embroidered with names and the date 1955.

  • Quilt created by the "Keybearers," a group in the Congregational Church. Five hundred and forty-three names are on the quilt.

  • Slides from Humboldt, Iowa's 1963 Centennial celebration.

  • Photograph of Humboldt College showing the main building, early 1870s, and the two dorms, 1890.

  • Photographs of the Chicago & North Western Railroad Station in Dakota City and the Minneapolis & St Louis depot in Humboldt.

  • Dark oak cash register with brass trim, dated February 8, 1908, used at the Humboldt Reminder office.

  • Manicure set in a brown leather case.