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People of Humboldt County

A. B. White

1908 Baseball Team

Bank Workers

Clark Lane Sr. in Lane Clothing Co.

Clem Garfield

Frank Gotch, World Champion Wrestler

Gotch Memorial in Gotch Park south of Humboldt.

John Tour, Tailor, and others in front of his shop.

Lorbeer brothers

Lorbeer family and ox cart.

Ted Garfield

Mrs. Robert J. Johnston

Mrs. Mida R. Doan

Mrs. Florence P. Sykes

Anna Doe and son Wayne Hoffman Doe

Taken March 16, 1917

Maurice Sylvester Vought

B: 21 Feb 1884 D: 5 Dec 1918

E.H. Kinney, M.D.

Eastern Starn #195 Humboldt; Delta Chapter, Ft. Dodge; Calvary Commander, Fr. Dodge; Za-Ga-Zig Temple, Des Moines

Miss Elizabeth Vaupel and Charles M. Bicknell, brother of George J. Bicknell

Left: Mary Taft (died 1889) and Clara Bicknell (died 1905)

Written on back--Left: Mrs. C.P. Clark, Charlena Welch above

Rose Brown

Posed to show off Miss Stope's (Pope's?) dress style.

Among the group: Charlene Welch, Mida French Doan, Mary Taft (Portrait), Clara Berkhimer, Edith Prouty (right), Cora Van Velsor

Written on back of photo: Liza Bell mother Susan

On back of photo: Ida Stewart and Maude Perry

Theodore (Ted) White