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Humboldt and Dakota City Schools and Teachers

Old Stone Building 1903-1978

Principal of the Humboldt Public Schools, 1880

St Mary Catholic School (eight grades) erected in 1920

Humboldt High School Gym erected in 1938

Taft Grade School built in Taft Park in 1953

Old High School and Stone Building

Old Stone Building

Humboldt College

Humboldt College President's House

Humboldt College

Taft Grade School erected in 1953

Old Red Brick Schoolhouse, Dakota City, built about 1880 and used until the 1930s.

This was the third school in Dakota City. The first was a wooden building erected about 1859. The second was built about 1965 or 1866; it became a church, a community building and then the City Hall. It was torn down when the present City Hall was built.

Old High School, Humboldt, Erectd 1894

Clarence Messer

Served as Principal-Superintendent of Humboldt Public Schools, County Superintendent of Schools in Humboldt County from 1900 until his death in 1927. Established County Library for Humboldt Schools and promoted individual school libraries.

Frances I. Messer

Humboldt County Superintendent of Schools from 1936 until retirement in 1964. Originally Humboldt County had about 100 rural schools, but there were 36 when she took office. During tenure: Reorganization from 30 to 4 districts.

LeRoy Cogswell

1931, Vocational Agriculture, Biology

Ruth DeWitt

1931, HHS Comercial Teacher

Edna Hall Engquist

Music Teacher

Catherine Osia

Humboldt High School Principal

Miss Roehlk

Humboldt High School faculty, 1923

Edwin E. Swanson

Superintendent of Schools, 1931

Chauncey Welch

1931, HHS Athletics. Algebra, Arithmetic, Physiology

Eleanor Elizabeth Gordon

First School in Humboldt

Erected in 1872

Walter E. Crissey

1931, Athletics, Physics, General Science

Alma B. Johnson, HHS mathematics teacher

Johnson taught Mathematics, Junior High Geography, was sophomore sponsor in 1935

Bernice Bradly Smith, HHS

Smith taught English, History of Business, Spanish.

Blance Oxborrow HHS Teacher

Oxborrow taught Geography, Physical Education, Dramatics, Grammar, (Junior High Englist)

1915 Board of Education

C.R. Golly.

Golly was superintendent of Humboldt schools in 1914

D. of D. Club, 1935

Football Team 1934

Girls' Basketball Team 1935

Leone Arent teacher HHS

Loyalty Club 1935

Pedagogical Club 1935

H Club 1935

Girls' Basketball Team 1935

Future Farmers 1935

Boy's Basketball Team 1935

Earl Wolfe, Science Teacher in HHS 1926

Mildred Walker, English teacher at HHS 1926